Car Services

Heat insulation and Safety

Solar control provided specialized services for motor vehicles with high technology and feature films solar control developments at the highest international quality certificates, and

1. The vehicle thermal insulation services modern technology and advanced movie system

2. Full protection services the vehicle body with nanotechnology ceramics.

3. The services provided and the protection of vulnerable parts of the climate factors.

4. Solar Control Micro fiber For Car Dressing floors.

5. The high gloss internal and external services with the latest technologies.

Heat-insulating shading


Protective front glass films

Paint Protection Films

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 vehicles run the risk of losing actual value because of the sand which is active throughout the year in the climate of the Arab Peninsula?!!!!!

We are in solar control offer the latest technologies and solutions to protect your vehicle from the road factors, where our protection film absorbs the sand and gravel strikes to protect the surface of the vehicle from the color decay and scattering of paint. They feature our films made from polyurethane material polyurethane completely transparent color is difficult to be observed after the installation and bear the high temperatures and resistance to change in color, and is not affected by the laundry when the proper use and can be removed at any time under the supervision of a qualified technician.