Safety and security

Safety & Security

Solar Control Vectra Security   –  Complete  window film security solutions

SCVS is: a special reinforced plastic window film; designed to achieve high Level of security to vulnerable windows whilst not impeding  the visual appearance of the property of vehicle.

SCVS is : Bulletproof and Burglarproof Window FilmFor Vehicles, Buildings, Store Fronts and Homes !

Our Bulletproof and Burglarproof security film can be installed on windows in buildings, homes.

In addition, vehicles much like standard window tinting film! Once installed, it gives you a level of Protection you will enjoy.

Solarcontrol Films

2- Levels of protective film are offered:

224 – Burglar Proof security film to withstand high impact knocks by from such things as Smash & Grab, Burglary, Natural disaster etc… The glass cannot be broken out.

336 – Bulletproof Film  Human life & property protection from planned attack such as burglary, Bashings, Molotov cocktails, shooting, explosions, terrorism, or assassinations.

Basic PET film quality has 3 level, A, B and C. Our film is at class A. Further, the glue

It plays a very important part to hold the glass from penetration, special formula,

Blending machine and know how is very important to produce class A glue. Most cheap

Security film in market does not have Class A glue, thus reliability is not assured.

Advantages of Security, Safety & Bulletproof Films

  • Easy installation
  • No renovation required
  • Solar and UV filtering
  • Provides cooler environment
  • Protection against Weapons, Natural Disaster, Explosion, etc…
  • Life time endurance
  • Compatible cost against others material
  • Overall Lower costs – ANY GLAS

What are the beneficiaries?

  • Buildings – Government offices, Financial Institutions, Museums, Shops, Prisons etc…
  • Public Places – Airport, Bus & Train terminals, Hospitals etc…
  • Vehicle’s – Military, Police, Cash Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Heavy Loaders
  • Kindergarten, Reformatory and Public nursery
  • Displays – Public galleries, Jeweler stores, Fashion houses, Gift stores.
  • Storm prone areas, Coastal developments
  • Resorts, Villa and Garden House.