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Over 20 Years Of Service

International Solar Control is proud to have installed our specialty films and security system on residential and commercial buildings in South Florida for over 20 years. We use only our quality line of films and perfected installation method. You can expect friendly and exceptional service from estimate to installation.

Protect Your Home Or Office

Whether it’s robbery, natural disaster like hurricanes or accidental disaster like a fire, our Security system has unparalleled results! Read success stories here: Success Stories. Solar Control brand Security Films can be installed on your home or business in your choice of clear or tinted film.

Save Money On AC Bills

Our films will reduce the heat allowed inside, cooling your home and allowing you to give your air conditioning system a break. In some cases receive an FPL discount for using our films!


Solar Control quality assurance means that each roll produced of a particular product will be of a consistent color for a seamless look.

Be sure

Be sure that Solar Control films are the best quality and most powerful thermal insulation films. And have a quality certificate from the International Organization of thermal insulation IWFA.

Correct information

Be sure that Solar Control will not give you the information misleading or incorrect, but we will explain to you all the details and give you advice.

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